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Useful Links & Resources


Useful Links

American Board of NLP (ABNLP): the largest NLP body in the world. All our NLP Master Coaches and Trainers are accredited by the ABNLP and that means they have been trained to the highest standards.

Association of Time Line Therapy: Time Line Therapy (TLT) or Creating your Future Techniques is the technology created by Tad James. A tool we use regularly with our NLP Coaching clients with massive success; it’s like putting down all the baggage they’ve been carrying around and setting compelling goals – read our TLT page for more info on how we can help you.

American Board of Hypnotherapy We use Hypnosis as a form of relaxation for our clients, to help them embed the changes they have made at the unconscious level easily and effortlessly. Check out our Hypnosis page for more info.

Unleash Your Potential on YouTube

Unleash Your Potential You Tube Channel: This is where you will find useful short videos on our products and services, as well as short videos about various NLP topic.


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Other Links

Association for Coaching:  professional body for executive coaches

Institute of Leadership & Management:  benchmarking corporate Learning & Development

Harvard Business Review: articles on leadership and business strategy

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development: articles on Leadership and HR Practice



Useful Resources

Tad James Demonstrating of Time Line Therapy: Tad James is the founder/creator of Time Line Therapy, watch this demo to get a taste of what TLT is all about:


Tad James explaining TLT; Tad explains more about people’s time lines: