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Executive Coaching

Executive CoachingBusiness Coaching

We partner with business owners, managers and leaders to establish clear professional business or career related goals and then set about support you to achieve these. Unleash Your Potential also offers a safe and confidential environment in which executives can explore business challenges or possibilities.

According to a survey by the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), 80% of organisations have used coaching in some form in the last five years. The CIPD state:

• Two out of three organisations use external coaches
• 92 per cent judge coaching by external practitioners to be effective
If you want to get ahead of the competition, coaching is a great place to start.

 What are the benefits?

• Enabling individuals to move beyond training to achieve results
• Secure and confidential environment for leaders to develop their performance
• Improved self-awareness, confidence, better communication skills, improved behaviours
• Understanding of leadership styles and developing flexibility in style
• Increased Staff retention/morale, reduced recruitment costs
• Productivity gains

How does it work?

We tailor each coaching package to the needs of the individual and their organsation. Typically we would use 3 phases to our Executive Leadership coaching;

• Scoping & diagnostics; meeting the individual to identify the desired coaching outcomes. If the individual is sponsored by a more senior member in the organisation, the coach will also meet with them. We would consider the use of tools such as Myers briggs, 360 degree feedback, Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment. We would then look to create the goals for the coaching and use this to create a coaching plan.

• Coaching; the coaching sessions take place either face to face (or if you would prefer this can take place via Skype if this is easier due to your travel/diary commitments). We will be flexible to meet your needs. The focus is on helping the individual realise their goals. We are considered my many to be their “challenging friend”, if this is what you are after, then read on!

• Evaluate and Follow up; we evaluate the coaching assignment, and support the individual to plan ahead and build support structures to maintain the positive changes achieved.
Typically an executive coaching relationships would last over a number of months, and we would tailor the frequency of the sessions to the individual.

What if you super-charged your performance with our VIP day?

We are in a position to offer a select number of individuals the opportunity to work with us for an intensive day of one-to-one tailored development. This can be part of your tailored coaching package or a stand alone investment in you! Click here to find out more.


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