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Leadership VIP Day 

Do you want to create REAL and LASTING IMPACT in your professional life?


I invite Leaders from all levels of organsaitions to work exclusively with me, one-to-one, for a whole day focused on YOU to achieve rapid and effective results in a single day. You will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, get clarity over your career goals and build a detailed action plan to help you achieve maximum impact.

If you’re serious about personal and professional development, and have particular goals you want to focus on, then super-charge you self development time with a qualified professional Coach and receiving quality personal and undivided attention for the day to help you achieve success.

Before the day itself

We will have a planning session via phone or Skype to agree on the outcome(s) you want to achieve and agree the agenda for your day. Through this conversation we will ensure we are really clear about what you want to achieve. You will be invited to complete a Myers Briggs personality profile questionnaire – this will give you valuable insight into what motivates you and what drives the way you think, feel and react.

Your VIP day will focus on the things you want to achieve

Drawing on my coaching and training experience I will help you clarify what you really want and we will review your personality profile in order to identify your strengths as a leader so that you have clarity on how you can use these, alongside your values to achieve your goals. There are also a number of other executive coaching tools that we can draw on to ensure you get the most value out of your day. In the afternoon we will then focus on action planning so you have clear and positive steps to can take towards your goal.

Following your VIP day

You will also receive up to 3 coaching calls to review your progress and keep your motivation high over the following 4-6 weeks.

 Is the VIP day for you

  • Truly motivated to make real and lasting impact in your personal or professional life?
  • Ready to work with a professional coach to accelerate change and achieve real, lasting results?
  • Frustrated at not being able to spend dedicated time on you? – now’s your chance!
  • Open-minded and positive about their life/work
  • Prepared to set aside a day to be coached one to one without distractions?
  • Not afraid to take positive steps and come out of their comfort zone to achieve success?

For your investment you will receive:

  • A planning session before the VIP Day to agree on the outcome(s) you want to achieve
  • One full day of private tailored coaching focused entirely on your needs
  • Complimentary lunch, and refreshments during the day
  • A comprehensive Myers Briggs personality report and feedback session during your day
  • Up to three Skype coaching sessions to follow up and review your progress over the following 4-6 weeks


If you’d like to learn more about how you could benefit for a Leadership VIP day, then get in touch