Laura Evans, Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Mindset Coach

Are you looking for a motivational speaker? Someone that can share huge value and inspiration? A speakerCardiff NLP NLP Practitioner Courses NLP Training Unleash Your Potential Cardiff NLP courses that engages their audience to want and be more? Or perhaps you’re looking for a CPD  speaker/trainer to offer bite size training for your team/organisation? .. whatever your need, Laura Evans is who you are looking for!


Laura Evans has been speaking in front of audiences for a long time now – and as one person put it ‘Laura is at her best on her feet’ …. ‘ I love her energy, her passion and her ability to inspire others’ … ‘I can’t wait to see her again!’

Professionally, Laura has a wealth of corporate life experience, having spent 15 years in HR & Training roles before she started her own business focused around Mindset coaching and NLP Trianing (both for business and personal development).

Laura Evans Speaker NLP CPD Events Motivational speakerThere are plenty of people out there who position themselves as motivational speakers – Laura is different – she has the life experience and one of the largest toolkits around which ensures what she delivers is tailored to her audience. Laura offers huge value when she speaks and offers plenty of practical tips and tools that people can put into practice straight away …

During recent speaking engagements Laura has talked on the below:

  • ‘Help my Client’s stuck …’ – how NLP can help Coaches take their coaching to the next level
  • ‘They just won’t buy!’ – improving sales with NLP
  • Communicating through change made easier with NLP
  • Change your thinking; change your results
  • NLP: the leaders secret weapon!
  • ‘Stress Busters are us!’ – practical tips and techniques for better managing stress and pressure at work
  • Goal setting and Goal getting made easy with NLP (the new way to set New Years resolutions)
  • What are they saying?!: how enhanced communication skills can get you even better results in your business
  • Avoid Doom, Gloom and Confusion: Present with impact!
  • Procrastination: the thief time and how to move beyond the thief
  • Enhancing your coaching practice: stop pushing the rock up the hill, eradicate the rock!
  • Would you like unstoppable confidence? – how to get it and keep it
  • Improving Emotional Intelligence with NLP
  • Playing and Staying at the Top of your Game: How I changed my thinking and therefore my results (I lost 2.5 stone in 8 months, sorted out the negative internal chatter that was holding me back, got focused and went for what I wanted!)
  • ‘The underachieving Westcountry girl’ – my story and how I went on to get a 1st class honours degree, held senior HR corporate roles and now runs a successful NLP training business ; if I can do it so can you!

Laura’s motivation speaking opportunities draw from her background …

Personally, Laura grew up in Devon and had a challenging start in life. She moved around a lot, had below average grades (was categorised as needing special support at school) and dealt with her parents splitting up (several times). During the tender primary school years, her Mum was very very sick – at one point she didn’t know whether her Mum would be at home when she got back from school. On the positive side, Laura’s passion as a child was her grandparent’s farm and her passion for horses (and boy did she have a passion – no matter what the weather, if she could, she’d be with the horses at the riding school!). Why do I tell you this? – this start in life instilled a sense of determination, resilience and passion that Laura still uses in her work today – she had a choice – to get on and make something of herself or to be a victim of circumstance – she was the first in her family to go to university and fast forward – she had a very long and successful career in Human Resources sitting on the executive board of a company at the age of 35 (who’d have thought this Devon girl could have done that!). Laura learnt a lot along the way and now has the tools to understand the success mindset she was unknowingly applying all those years – her passion these days is sharing what she’s learnt and the tools she’s acquired over the years that have helped her get to where she is today!

Laura’s successful HR Career saw her work for a number of high street names …

Professionally, Laura has a wealth of corporate life experience, having spent 15 years in business before she started her own business focused around Mindset coaching and NLP Trianing (both for business and personal development).

Over the years, Laura has worked in many sectors (such as Retail, Manufacturing, hospitality, Financial Services, & Education) giving her a breath of experience and ability to tailor her CPD talks to her audience. Having started her career in Human Resources, Learning and Development and more recently Personal Development she is well placed to help your audience be inspired and see possibility where perhaps they thought there was little or none!

Booking Laura for bite size training or CPD events …

Often Laura is booked to deliver short bite size Continuing Professional Development (CPD) talks. With NLP Practitioner Course Cardiff NLP TrainingLaura’s training in NLP and mindset she always has something to offer her audience – tools, techniques, and ways of thinking that will help them to become even more successful. Regardless of if the audience is full of Line Managers, Directors, Business Owners, Specialists, Professionals or those into personal development – we all have one thing in common – the desire to change our thinking in order to achieve better results.

Laura’s aim is to not only inspire but to have fun and empower others – her desired outcome is always to ensure when she walks off stage she knows that her audience has had value, got new ideas/food for thought and can take another step towards unleashing their true potential …

Would you like to book Laura for your event or speaking opportunity?

Laura is currently taking bookings for speaking opportunities over the next 12 months and if you’d like to talk to Laura about speaking at your event or to your members/employees get in touch via


Laura is based in Cardiff, South Wales and is prepared to travel for the right speaking opportunities – so please do get in touch.

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What do the delegates and organisers say ….

Rachel hasn’t stopped talking about [the event] all morning!

Fab training event by Laura Evans NLP for Leaders

Fantastic Session tonight by @lauraevansuyp on #nlp fascinating #needmore

Communication is key! Outstanding seminar today!

Last night people came together to learn the power of the mind … we listened to the amazing Laura Evans give us a taste of NLP which blew my mind – amazing!

Great #nlp session with our coaches! thanks @lauraevansuyp

Thank you Laura – a great session – I passed on your tips to my daughter who was presenting for her A levels the next day – she would also like to thank you, she got an A

A great session, I learn’t loads!

Many thanks Laura for such an inspiring and informative evening. Your enthusiasm and knowledge and generosity is much appreciated.

Throughly enjoyed the session the introduction to NLP and lots of new ideas to take back to the team

Short and Snappy and Straight to the point – very useful

Very accessible and professionally delivered

 I learnt so much in 90 mins – Laura is a very knowledgeable, engaging & lively trainer. Her session was fun, well paced, informative and very useful. If you get the chance to attend her training or taster events, I highly recommend you do

A useful enjoyable session

I have been using the few skills I picked up at your presentation and I see a difference. I am sold

‘Really enjoyed the session and there is much we will be able to put into practice in our own training sessions’

Laura Evans NLP Training Motivational Speaker

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