NLP Training Course Schedule 2017 / 2018

NLP Business Diploma Course (2 days)

CardiffSat 22nd April 2017Sun 23rd April 2017Laura Evans
CardiffThurs 22nd June 2017Fri 23rd June 2017Laura Evans
CardiffMon 4th Sept 2017Tues 5th Sept 2017Laura Evans
CardiffThurs 16th Nov 2017Fri 17th Nov 2017Laura Evans
CardiffThurs 8th Feb 2018Fri 9th Feb 2018Laura Evans
CardiffMon 16th April 2018Tues 17th April 2018Laura Evans
CardiffThurs 7th June 2018Fri 8th June 2018Laura Evans
CardiffSat 8th Sept 2018Sun 9th Sept 2018Laura Evans

This  introductory 2 day NLP Business Diploma is aimed at people in business Cardiff NLP Courses Training NLP Cardiff NLP Trainingswho want to improve their business skills by gaining a better understanding of how people think and communicate. 

On our NLP Business Diploma course you will learn and walk away with some new skills, knowledge and you will come to grips with the basics of NLP. People join this NLP course from all sectors, from all levels in organisations, some self employed, some employed, some Leaders, some professional experts …. the list goes on!

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NLP Practitioner Course (7 days)

Cardiff25th June 20171st July 2017Laura Evans
Cardiff10th September 201716th September 2017Laura Evans
London8th October 201714th October 2017Laura Evans
Cardiff19th November 201725th November 2017Laura Evans
Cardiff21st January 201827th January 2018Laura Evans
Cardiff4th April 201810th April 2018Laura Evans
Cardiff6th May 201812th May 2018Laura Evans
Cardiff1st July 20187th July 2018Laura Evans

 Cardiff NLP Practitioner course NLP Training Cardiff Laura Evans Unleash Your Potential NLPWe pride ourselves on making NLP easy to understand and apply. Our delegates love our NLP Practitioner course and the confidence it gives them to use NLP after the course to a high standard.

Our 7 day NLP Practitioner course is fun, fast moving, entertaining and totally applicable to whatever you do. We’ll bring it all to life and help you understand how you can use it for personal development and to help others. No prior experience of NLP is required to attend this course.

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Certified NLP Coach / Time Line Therapy™ (Creating Your Future Techniques) Practitioner / Hypnosis Practitioner (4 days)

CardiffSun 17th Sept 2017Weds 20th Sept 2017Laura Evans
LondonThurs 26th Oct 2017Sun 29th Oct 2017Laura Evans
CardiffSun 28th Jan 2018Weds 31st Jan 2018Laura Evans

Want to be a Certified NLP Coach? Already a Coach and want to add additional tools to the toolkit? This 4 day course builds on the NLP Practitioner Unleash Your Potential NLP Training Courses Cardiff NLP Cardiff NLP Practitioner Coursecourse and helps students utilise their NLP Practitioner knowledge in an NLP coaching context. You’ll become qualified to use Time Line Therapy techniques® and Hypnosis with clients too!

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Master Practitioner Course (14 days – 2 x 7 days)

London - week 14th June 201710th June 2017Laura Evans & guest trainers
London - week 216th July 201722nd July 2017Laura Evans & guest trainers
Cardiff - week 124th September 201730th September 2017Laura Evans & guest trainers
Cardiff - week 25th November 201711th November 2017Laura Evans & guest trainers
Cardiff - week 118th March 201824th March 2018Laura Evans & guest trainers
Cardiff - week 222nd April 201828th April 2018Laura Evans & guest trainers

This 14 day programme includes NLP Master Practitioner , Time Line Therapy™ Master Practitioner, Hypnosis Master Practitioner and NLP Master Coach.

On our Master Practitioner Course delegates becomes experts in conversational change and many other exciting concepts. Students also learn how to do breakthrough sessions with clients (a 2 day one-to-one coaching/therapy sessions) which is a product that they can sell after the course. They will also learn the exclusive weight change paradigm – an awesome process with incredible results!

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 NLP In Sales – Making Sales Easy with NLP (2 days)

CardiffThurs 19th October 2017Fri 20th October 2017Laura Evans
CardiffSat 16th June 2018Sun 17th June 2018Laura Evans

A 2 day course open to all our NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and NLP Trainers, designed to help you generate more sales, grow your business and be comfortable selling your services and products. How much extra revenue would you generate if you increased your sales by 20%, 30%, 40%, 100%, 1000%?


How to Setup and Run Your Own Successful NLP Business (2 days)

CardiffSat 21st October 2017Sun 22nd October 2017Laura Evans
CardiffThurs 14th June 2018Fri 15th June 2018Laura Evans

A 2 day course open to all our NLP Practitioners, Master Practitioners and NLP Trainers, designed to help you set up and run a successful NLP coaching, therapy or training business. If you want to know how I did it and learn from my journey and experience, get yourself booked on!

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