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Working With Unleash Your Potential

If you’d like to understand more about working with Unleash Your Potential, pick up the phone and let’s talk!

We are always pleased to hear from people who are passionate about developing themselves and others. If you’d like to make an appointment to discuss how we can help you, we’d be please to meet you informally to discuss this or we can arrange one of our free 45 minute ‘Discovery Calls’ so you and I have dedicated time, undistracted to focus on you! Calls should be made direct to Laura by simply calling 07885 5000 80. Due to the nature of how busy we are, we may not be able to take your call immediately, if for example Laura is with a client or delivering one of our many courses/workshops. However please know that your call is extremely important to us and we will call you back as soon as we are able to. Alternatively you can email and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

We recommend you make contact with us at your earliest opportunity. We are aware that there are equally many providers and many clients out there; like us you will want to make the right choice and talking to us means you will get the opportunity to understand just how great we are at what we do (there is a reason we are as busy as we are!). It’s important to note that we’re not able to take on everyone that approaches us because of the dedication we show our clients once they are onboard- so making contact early is crucial to avoid disappointment. Once we agree to work with you, you can be sure of a first class quality service from us – many of our clients come back time and time again because of the way we look after them, as well as the expertise we offer, the quality and range of products and services we have and because we can and do help them continue to unleash their potential!

Your personal data & confidentiality

You can be assured of complete confidentiality when dealing with Unleash Your Potential Ltd. This means that we will not share your personal details with third parties without your express written consent. The content of your coaching sessions is confidential between you and your coach which means your coach won’t discuss your specific personal details with anyone. There is only 1 exception to this; if your coach has reasonable belief that you may be in danger of causing serious harm to yourself or others we have a responsibility to raise this in order to get your the help you need. We will always endeavour to talk to you and let you know our intentions prior to us doing this as we prefer to do this with your agreement.

In line with professional coaching codes of practice, your coach may choose to work with a supervisor or another coach which involves discussion around how we work as professionals with our clients in order for us develop our professional expertise. However please be assured your anonymity shall never be compromised.

Commitment to Coaching, Breakthrough and Weight change Paradigm sessions

Out of respect for each other, please ensure you arrive on time for all sessions/appointments. Coaching sessions may vary in length and are typically around 60-90 minutes; prior to your appointment you will be advised how long you should allow for your session. Breakthrough and Weight Change Paradigm days are VERY full days (so we can extract maximum value for you) – you need to be aware and able to stay until we are done – no excuses!). Our commitment to you is that you will get our undivided attention and in return you owe it to yourself (and us!) to do the same. We will ensure we allow time at the end of each session to review and monitor progress towards your goal. In the spirit of continuous improvements and to ensure the sessions are effective we will ask for your feedback on the session. If you need to cancel a session please give as much notice as possible. Full Fees will be charged where less than 48 hours notice of cancellation is given. If your coaching session is part of a package then you will forfeit your session from your total package if a minimum of 48 hours is not given. Where more than 48 hours notice is given we are happy to work with you to rearrange your session (but given the preparation we will have already done and costs already incured in relations to venues etc, we are not able to give any refunds). Given how busy we are there may be a delay in rearranging your session where more than 48 hours notice is given; we will do our best to reschedule your session at a time that is agreeable to both parties.

Coaching requires the Client to take responsibility – it’s not a ‘done to’ process

Coaching requires clients to take responsibility for getting involved in the sessions. For some people it may be strange at first to attend a session with someone they do not know, but please be assured we are a very friendly and personable team. We often set our clients tasks (e.g. homework between sessions) that you will be asked to complete. It is vital that this is done in order to continue on your journey to success. As with many things, what you put in directly correlates to what you get out – and coaching is no different. If you have been set a task and have failed to complete it your coaching session will not go ahead and you will forfeit that session from your coaching package (we do this to ensure you understand how vital tasking is to the change process). During your coaching package you will be on the road to positive change – you will encounter perhaps changes in your behaviour, attitudes etc – this is all very exciting and all we ask in that your come to every session with an open mind and an attitude of curiosity. If you are signed up to one of our coaching packages, we also offer email support between sessions so you can be sure that we are available and there to support you along the way – we will not however chase you to ensure you are on track – that is your responsibility (call it tough love!).

Fees for all Products and Services

We operate a no fuss, clear pricing policy. There are no hidden extras when dealing with Unleash Your Potential; we make it our aim to be clear with you about what is included in the package we agree with you. The agreed fee is payable upon booking in full. Funds must be cleared prior to your booking being confirmed and spaces/sessions being secured in your coach/trainer’s diary. Receipts can be provided where required. If you require a receipt please tell us at the time of payment. Receipts sought after payment will incur an administrative fee.

Training/Workshop Cancellation Policy; Public/Open courses

In order to prevent cancellations and ensure a great experience for delegates/groups, we operate a transparent, but strict Cancellation Policy. Any cancellation must be in writing (via email). The amount of notice given prior to the start of your booked course directly correlates to the % refund applicable:

• Less than 1 months notice prior to start – 0% refund
• Less than 3 months, but more than 1 month – 25% refund
• More than 3 months – 50% refund

Training/Workshop Cancellation Policy; Bespoke courses & projects

A huge amount of additional work goes into specifically tailoring quality courses, workshops, events, key note speeches and trainings for specific clients. It is with this in mind that we operate a transparent, but strict Cancellation Policy when it comes to specially commissioned pieces of work. This strict Cancellation Policy ensure that commitment to the agreed project is 100% on both sides. In order to ensure you get our absolute attention on your tailored and specific needs we do not allow any refunds to be processed once payment has been received.

Insurance for your Peace of Mind

Unleash Your Potential is fully Insured by Holistic Services Insurance.

A Registered Company

Unleash Your Potential Ltd is a Registered Company in England and Wales. Company Number: 8967995