Kinetic Shift Practitioner (1 day course)

Kinetic Shift delivers lasting change in minutes!

Hear about the course from our Lead Trainer:

Kinetic Shift (KS) is a method developed by Karl Smith of the UK Hypnosis Academy (UKHA). It’s been taught in over 16 countries in 18 months and there are around 450 Kinetic Shift Practitioners globally (as of May 2018). We’re delighted that our Lead Trainer, Laura Evans is now an Associate Trainer with the UKHA, which means we will be able to offer this new 1 day course (we’re especially excited given it’s such a new technique and has been developed here in the UK!)

Kinetic Shift is an energy based, intuitive and rapid method of helping people. What makes it different to so many other techniques out there is not only it’s speed, but that it combines several different techniques in order to create a really effective and flexible way of bringing about a change, or shift for someone. It uses methodologies such as energy work, Eye Move IT Technique (EMIT), Anchoring, Submodalities, a TON of intuition and more!

Kinetic Shift is content free – the Practitioner doesn’t need to know the problem …. in fact the client doesn’t need to know either. It’s an active, intuitive, dynamic and energising technique that delivers astounding results, FAST!

Why become a Kinetic Shift Practitioner?

  • KS can be used on its own or alongside other techniques such as NLP & Hypnosis. You can use it pretty much anywhere.
  • Clients’ love KS because it’s effective, fun, delivers rapid change and they know it’s worked because they feel different, spontaneously.
  • Therapists and Coaches find it simple, that it builds their confidence working with others AND that they can shift clients’ problems in a matter of minutes!
  • KS can help people remove pain, anxiety, fear, stress, migraines, PTSD, phobias, negative emotions and more!!
  • You can use KS on yourself to shift negative feelings and other problems you may be experiencing
  • KS has been used successfully with children – so provides Kinetic Shift Practitioners with a tool you can use with young clients to shift problems (they don’t even have to tell you what the problem is!)
  • It has been used really successfully when working with clients face to face or on-line (e.g. Skype) so offers real flexibility for Coaches and Therapists
  • KS is a process that has flexiblity within it – if you like the ability to work within a framework, but don’t want to be tied to a script, you will love Kinetic Shift!
  • Qualifying as a Kinetic Shift Practitioner will give you another tool in your toolkit giving you more flexiblity and ways to help others
  • Becoming a Kinetic Shift Practitioner will provide you with an additional revenue stream for your therapy or coaching business

7 Stages of Kinetic Shift

Next Course Dates:

CardiffSat 9th Feb 2019Laura Evans
CardiffSat 6th April 2019Laura Evans
CardiffSat 4th May 2019Laura Evans

Investment: £299 (inc VAT)

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