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NLP in Personal DevelopmentPersonal Development

Are you the kind of person who likes to better themselves, to learn, to develop? You may want more skills or to understand how you can change your thinking to improve your results, your ability to reach your goal, improve your communication, relationship or perhaps heath and fitness? On the other hand, maybe  you’re the type of person that simply drifts along and deals with stuff as it happens? Maybe you find yourself complaining about how life is so unfair, or saying ‘there’s got to be more to life than this’ but then you don’t do anything about your situation to change it (if you think that your results will change without your changing something, then I’d suggest you have a re-think about how that could even be possible?!). Or maybe you’re the type of person who recognises that if you want to have a better life then you have to take responsibility and do something, something different and learn how to use your mind more effectively? ….. that would be a great thing, wouldn’t it?

Changing your thinking, will change your results

It is the last set of people who recognise that learning NLP, the technology of change, will give them what they are looking for. How would you like to change your perspective on things that get you down or barriers that get in your way? Would you like to destroy what’s holding you back? Perhaps you’d like to quieten the inner critic in your mind that says ‘you can’t do that’ or ‘you’re not good enough’. Would your life be different if you are empowered to be yourself? to be all the things you want to be? It is my belief that we are only limited by our thinking … and if your anything like me, yo don’t want your thinking to be holding you back from reaching your potential.

Now, I think that the change you can deliver in yourself by some means alone, can be limited – there are very few people who have made profound changes simply by reading or watching YouTube videos (change yes, but life changing? – I’m not so sure – I certainly haven’t met anyone that fits the profound life changing category). I’m not against reading personal development books or watching personal development YouTube videos – both have their place, and there for example many YouTube videos I’ve watched, enjoyed and learnt things from (however, if your personal development books simply collect dust on the shelf or your videos sit on your ‘watch later’ playlist on YouTube they’re clearly not going to be of much benefit to you). I use audio programmes as part of my NLP Practitioner Trainings for a number of reasons (which you’ll find out if you join us on one of the courses), as great as they are, on their own, I doubt if you would have the confidence to carry out many of the NLP processes and techniques with elegance and most importantly I’m not sure if you would be able to  consistently and successfully deliver results for yourself or your client every single time?

Why might this be? ….. reading a book or watching a video tends to be a very conscious process and as we know (from earlier posts I’ve written) your behaviour is run by the unconscious mind and all learning takes place best at the unconscious level – that’s where NLP comes in. NLP is not in my view something you can learn from a book or from a video alone – it’s an experiential process learnt best when supported by live training events.

How widely are the mindsets and processes of NLP used within Personal Development?

The use of NLP in personal development arena is massive.  So many of the personal development ‘gurus’ use NLP, but they may not label it as such. Tony Robbins for example uses many of them, but won’t table them as such. NLP is not simply a bunch of techniques (although there are some amazing and hugely successful ones). NLP is about having an attitude of curiosity and a willingness to experiment – to get curious about the processes you are running, get under the skin of them and then make the changes to deliver the change in outcomes or results you want. One of the things I find rather odd is when I come across NLP’ers who ‘know the theory’ but either haven’t applied it to themselves or struggle to put into practice what they have learned – on our courses you undertaken pre-work before you arrive to start to layer in the theory, which means we can spent a lot of time putting things into practice and this means you can build the muscle memory, experience and confidence to use them with ease.

At the start of every NLP Practitioner course that we run we says to our students ‘treat the next 7 days as 7 days to work on yourself. 7 days to fix what is holding you back and if you do this, you will learn NLP really well’. This is because I am a firm believer that you should apply what you learn to yourself first and only then are you really able to share with others the huge benefits that NLP can provide in terms of personal development. As you start to learn NLP you start to embed the NLP mindset, the attitude of curiosity – and then you can take responsibility for change in yourself and in turn you can make changes that deliver the type of results you desire. Along the way you learn a whole bunch of hugely effective and easy ways to make changes (that last) for you and those that you decide to work with as a practitioner.

Why is NLP so good for personal development? – NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis use the potential of the unconscious mind – this is the super computer than runs everyones behaviour and consequently any changes you make at the unconscious level are instant and last. The old ways of positive affirmations and positive thinking are much more of a conscious process and so consequently they take a lot longer, you have to consciously remember to do them, and therefore over time their effectiveness is reduced (how often have you started, but then after a while look back and realised you stopped??).

When people are serious about personal development they recognise that they need to take responsibility – having worked in HR for over 15 years, it always surprises me that people think it’s the company’s responsibility to develop them – ‘if you won’t fund it, then I won’t do it’ was what one person said to me (if the person is not willing in invest in their own development at all, I have to ask myself why would the company? – particularly given the best training outcomes I’ve seen are where the individual makes a time and/or financial invest themselves – they are then ‘invested’ in the development ensuring they make it a success and take responsibility for extracting value from it). I think we all should take responsibility for developing ourselves – you owe it to yourselves to be the best version of you!

NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis are in my view the some of the most powerful personal development tools around – combined I think they are simply awesome. I’ve been in and around NLP to varying degrees for years and seen countless people change their lives for the better using what we teach on our courses. Changes that have been instant, that have lasted and have transformed people’s lives. Personal Development that helps people achieve their goals and dreams – when many of our NLP delegates look back they wonder why on earth they thought it wasn’t possible!

If NLP is the technology of change and personal development is about change then why doesn’t everyone learn NLP? – ultimately is boils down to an investment of time and money. People who don’t already invest in their own personal development maybe think they’re not worth the investment. Some people don’t think twice about spending 2 -4 times the amount on a holiday that makes them feel good for 2 weeks before they have to return to the ‘normal’ grind of everyday life. An NLP course sets you off on a lifetime of curiosity, onto a path with a set of tools that you can use to constantly develop yourself and lead to a more fulfilled life.

The NLP Practitioner course content will enable you to be in control of your life and your results. We show you how to break down barriers between you and what you truly want. You can learn to change things that you don’t like in your life, or begin to learn a whole new set of skills, strategies and ways of communicating. You can install the motivation in yourself to move away from what you don’t want, or towards what you do want – to put down years of baggage and lighten the load – which leads to a more fulfilled life.

The Master Practitioner course steps your personal development up a gear again. Here you learn to align your unconscious motivations (your values) behind any goal you choose to achieve – money, love, health and fitness etc. You will also learn techniques that are powerful in resolving long standing weight issues, as well as learning how we deliver our 2 day breakthrough sessions (you will walk away from this course being able to do these sessions for your clients and could set up your own NLP business based on the the skills we will teach you).

The question is – do you want personal development badly enough to invest in yourself? One thing is is for sure, if you don’t do anything about your personal development then you won’t develop yourself and not much will change in your life. The choice is yours.